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You need to be logged in to our online community to use this functionality. 

Durham University alumni and current students are welcome to register.  Why not register or login now?

Once registered you can then obtain a @dunelm.org.uk email account here.  Please note that this is only an email forwarding account and you will have to direct all the mail received into this account to your own personal email address, click herefor more information.  The email forwarding service will be provided for life.

Where applicable, please send emails to any individuals/companies who currently send mail to your Durham account notifying them of the change of email address.  If you do need to change the forwarding address simply come to this site and change the forwarding address.  Emails will continue to be forwarded automatically once the change has been made.

Users of the email forwarding service can set up their personal email address so that it looks as if they are sending from their Dunelm address.  All you need to do is to add your Dunelm email address to the "From" and "Reply To" addresses in their personal account settings menu.  Some web mail providers do not always allow this, but any mail client like Outlook, Eudora, etc will allow you to select whichever "from" and "reply-to" address you choose.

Please note that it may take up to 3 working days to activate your account once you have registered.

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You can also join us on our Facebook fansite and on the LinkedIn Group we support. 

To contact the maintainers of this page, please email help@dunelm.org.uk

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