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Donate FAQs

I want to donate a corporate gift, how do I do this?

A gift of money, so long as the company receives no significant consideration, is an allowable business expense, which can be offset against profit for the year. Since 1st April 2000, gifts of quoted securities and, since 1st April 2002, gifts of "real property" can also be offset against a company's corporation tax liability. See our guide to giving shares for more information. The Inland Revenue also provides detailed guidance and our Trust and Foundations Manager would be delighted to discuss the opportunities for you to support Durham University.

What is gift matching?

Many employers now make matching gifts when their staff give to charity. Some will give £1 for every £1 (or dollar) that an employee gives; others even multiply the gift by a factor of two. Almost all have an annual limit per employee.

What is the University’s charitable status?

The University of Durham (trading as Durham University) is a charity, but is exempt from registration with the Charities Commission under the terms of Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011. The University does not therefore have a charity registration number, but its charitable status for tax purposes can be demonstrated using HMRC Claim number X6507. Accountants and lawyers sometimes need to quote this number, in particular in relation to corporate gifts or to legacies. Further information on the University as charity is available here.

What are the University's philanthropy policies?

The Development and Alumni Office subscribes to the principles outlined in the Association of Fundraising Professionals' Code of Ethics (pdf document) and the University's Gift Policy (pdf document). We also support the Donor Bill of Rights (pdf document).

What other ways can I donate?

There are a few other ways which you can donate to your University:

  • You can donate by post via a postal form here
  • You can leave a gift in your will here
  • You can give shares here
  • Give with a CAF voucher here

More information about tax-effective giving is available here.

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