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Tax Effective Giving

Gift Aid scheme

The Gift Aid scheme means that the University is able to reclaim Basic Rate tax on any Gift Aid gift, and you can reclaim Higher Rate Tax if you pay it. To enable this tax relief to occur, you must make a Gift Aid Declaration, which can be done on paper, by email, over the Web or verbally.

You must have paid enough income or capital gains tax in the year to cover all the tax reclaimed by charities to whom you make Gift Aid gifts, and must not receive benefits - apart from very minor ones - in return. Gift Aid can be back dated to cover previous gifts. The University Gift Aid declaration allows us to reclaim tax against previous, as well as current and future, gifts.  You need to tell us if your tax situation changes and that we should no longer be claiming Gift Aid.  

You can sign a Gift Aid Declaration when you make your gift using our donation form or simply tick the box when making a gift online.

Tax Effective Giving in the UK

The UK has an increasingly generous system of tax relief for charitable gifts. Any taxed income can be given away tax free. Shares, other quoted securities, land and buildings can also be given away tax free, and of course there is no tax on charitable gifts made on death.

For further information, contact Linda Forwood, Operations Manager, on 0191 334 6311.

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