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Alumni Relations Office
The Palatine Centre 
Durham University
Stockton Road


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You can also join us on our Facebook fansite and on the LinkedIn Group we support. 

Chancellor's Appeal Donor Photographs


  • If you have not yet donated to the Chancellor's Appeal, and would like your photo displayed above please click here.
  • If you see a black screen and no photos, please ensure you are using the latest version of your internet browser.
  • If you have donated to the Chancellor's Appeal and your photo is not displayed above:
    • Please email it to annual.fund@durham.ac.uk.
    • Please check the date alongside the photo display above, This is the last date the photos were uploaded.
    • If all of the above have been achieved and your photo is still not displayed, please email annual.fund@durham.ac.uk.


  • The photos are displayed in order of submission to the above email address.
  • To start the photo display moving, please click the white arrow.
  • If you would like the pictures to be displayed larger on your full computer screen, click the small image in the bottom right of the photo with four arrows pointing outwards.
  • If you would like to see the names of the donors displayed, please do the above and then on the full screen display, click in the top right 'Show info'.

Please note:  If you have donated to the Chancellor's Appeal and would not like your photo displayed, please do not email it to us.


To contact the maintainers of this page, please email help@dunelm.org.uk

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