The 1972 Club

To maximise the Collingwood experience for the many generations of students who will join us in the future, we are delighted to launch the all-new 1972 Club. As many of you know, Collingwood was established back in 1972 when our first cohort of students had to reside in Van Mildert until the building work was completed. Now, we are unbelievably fortunate enough to offer our Woodsmen and ‘Women arguably the best facilities and experiences any college can offer, and this wouldn’t be possible without the selfless generosity of our alumni community.

With that, The 1972 Club was founded to grow and sustain a culture where each generation of our alumni actively helps those who follow in their footsteps, a concept that we call Pass It On. Our key message to current students is that our alumni will do all they can to support you, but in return, you will owe an obligation to those who will come after you. To achieve such a culture, we need as many of our alumni to engage as possible, and with such high numbers, we will obtain a secure critical mass that can help build a Collingwood Community unlike anything seen before. If we can harness the power of The ‘Wood, we can transform our culture into something that others will surely follow.

Members, Partners and Patrons

We are asking for a minimum donation of £19.72 for annual membership to The 1972 Club, and would like to offer our donors a series of ‘thank-yous’ for helping to Pass It On. Please have a look at the boxes below for more information.

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