Collingwood Internships

Since 2013, our unique Undergraduate Research Internship Programme, initially established thanks to the generosity of an alumni donor, has grown significantly. This scheme enables Collingwood students to work alongside world-class researchers of Durham University on cutting-edge,live research projects over the summer vacation. Donor support provides a fair wage throughout their internship period, and Collingwood College offers accommodation free of charge, to ensure that undergraduates can make the most of this opportunity without worrying about their finances.

We also run our 'Dreams in The 'Wood' programme, which provides opportunities for Collingwood students to complete once-in-a-lifetime internships offered by our alumni and friends of the College. These internships give Collingwood students outstanding, first-hand, professional experience, not offered by traditional internship programmes.

Please follow the links below to read more a selection of reports from Collingwood interns.

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A Selection of Past Funded Internships

Ollie Jenkins

Ollie interned with maritime security company MNG Maritime, which involved travelling to the Gulf of Oman to see how the company operates.

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Christina Ilieva

Christina investigated the most extreme ultraluminous X-ray sources as part of our Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme 

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