Collingwood Connect: Careers Mentoring

Collingwood Connect is a platform for current students of Collingwood College to connect with alumni to receive help and advice about the world of work.

At Collingwood we recognise that our alumni are diverse, ambitious and successful, with expertise in just about every career area at local, national and international level. In today’s changing and competitive workplace, information about how to prepare for a chosen career, what to expect from the recruitment process, or information about a certain sector, is invaluable to current students.

The Collingwood Connect platform allows current students at Collingwood College to search for alumni with relevant knowledge or experience, view mentors' profiles, and contact them directly through the service.

You will require a Dunelm account in order to access these services. If you do not already have one you can create one here. If you are already a registered user, you can log on here

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By signing up to Collingwood Connect, you can help current students get advice about a particular career through your knowledge and previous experience.

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As a current student at Collingwood you can use the Collingwood Connect platform to search for and contact alumni who may be able to help answer your questions about a particular career.

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