2017 Reunion

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of St Aidan's College.

To celebrate this occasion the Alumni Association is organising a grand reunion in College over a weekend this summer.  The weekend is Friday 7 to Sunday 9 July.

Unlike recent reunions there is no particular target cohort - we would like to welcome alumni from throughout St Aidan's 70 year history.

Details of who has signed up so far can be found further down this page.

On arrival at the reunion all attendees will receive a welcome pack with full details of the programme of events.  We have also provided details here:

  • Friday 7th July:
    • Alumni are welcome to arrive in College from 12noon onwards
    • The display of College archive material and memorabilia will be open for viewing from 12noon until 4.30pm (don't forget to bring any of your own College memorabilia to add to the display)
    • Buffet dinner from 6.30-8.30pm
    • The JCR bar will be open from 6.30pm until midnight.
  • Saturday 8th July:
    • There will be a series of talks running during the day in the JCR:
      • 9.45am-10.45am - Professor of Space science at the Open University, and Aidan's Alumnus, Monica Grady will be talking about her career.
      • 11.15am - 12.15pm there will be a panel discussion on entrepreneurship post Durham between Aidan's alumni spanning the 80s, 90s & 10s - Rob McKinnon, Simon West and Rory Curnock-Cook. 
      • 2.15pm-3.15pm Geraldine Peacock CBE will be talking about her distinguished career in the charities sector that culminated in her becoming the first chair of the Charities Commission when it was established in 2004.
      • 3.45pm-4.45pm will be our final panel discussion of the day.  Monica Grady will be joined by fellow alumni, Judith Hann and Beverley Goodger on a discussion about women in science both at, and after, Durham.  
    • There will be an opportunity to join a guided tour of the brand new physics building, the Ogden Centre for Theoretical Physics. There are three tours scheduled from 2.30, 3.30 and 4.30 that afternoon.  If you haven't already signed up for a tour you will be able to do so at the welcome desk in College.
    • The display of College memorabilia will again be open for viewing from 9am to 4.30pm.
    • 6.30-7.30pm - There will be a pre-dinner drinks reception in the JCR.  This will also include the unveiling of the new archive display cabinet.  There will beformal studio photographer taking photos during the drinks reception on Saturday night - there will be no obligation to buy any of these photos so please ask if there are any you would like to have taken.
    • 7.30pm the 70th Anniversary Gala dinner in the dining hall.  A few former staff members have agreed to join us on high table for dinner. 
    • After dinner alumni can carry on catching up with old friends either at their dinner tables, in the JCR bar (open until 1am) or in the Bailey Room where tea/coffee willl be served until late.
    • In the JCR there will be a Photo Booth running for 3 hours after the meal - it will be able to take groups of up to 6-8 people at a time.  Two 6”x2” photo strips will be produced for free every time a group uses the booth.   The photos taken by the booth may be viewed online the following lunchtime and copies of the individual photos may be ordered, or extra copies of the printouts may be purchased.
    • 9pm - 1am the main JCR will be home to a classic Aidan's bop/disco
  • Sunday 9th July
    • 9.30-11am there will be a talk on the architecture of the hill Colleges in the JCR followed by a walking tour of the buildings. This will be given by local architectural historian Martyn Roberts.
    • 11.30am Sunday brunch will be served.
    • The display of College memorabilia will again be open for viewing from 9am to 4.30pm.

In addition to the timetabled events there will also be free tickets to the Oriental Museum and the Botanical Gardens, plus discounted tickets to the Palace Green Library exhibition, for use throughout the weekend.

Don't forget that due to the annual Durham Miners Gala taking place on the Saturday of the reunion the town centre will be very congested and it will be impossible to access the Cathedral/Castle/Bailey by car/taxi, and very difficult even by foot.  We would recommend taking advantage of the events being held in College on the Saturday and then using free time on Friday/Sunday to visit the town centre.

A couple of you have asked about how will breakfast and brunch work on the Sunday morning? On the Sunday morning, as part of the B&B, there will be a basic buffet breakfast (cereals/toast/porridge/fruit/yoghurt/tea/coffee etc) served quite early in the morning (8.00 - 9.00). This for the early birds. Brunch will be much later (11.30ish) and will be a full hot meal, so virtually a lunch. I suspect that after a late night Saturday many people would just be getting up in time for brunch.

We would love to see as many of you as possible in black tie for Saturday's gala dinner, however we appreciate that not all of you will own a DJ, so a lounge suit will be fine.  Ladies will look great in either a short or long dress.

Wine at the Gala dinner - under the College's licensing regulations, diners are not allowed to bring their own wine.  Instead diners will be able to purchase bottles (and glasses) of wine from the bar before (and during) dinner.

Car Parking - there will be loads of free parking either at College or in one of the two adjoining overflow car-parks.  Those of you who provided your car registration number when booking will find a pre-populated parking permit in your welcome pack when you arrive.  For anyone else that wishes to park you can obtain a permit at the College reception desk.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all about the reunion please don't hesitate to drop us an email.
You can contact Ben Fisher at reunions1@aidans-alumni.org.uk

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.



St Aidan's College 70th Anniversary Reunion Weekend

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th July

Bookings are now closed.

St Aidan's College 70th Anniversary Reunion Weekend

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th July

Bookings are now closed.

St Aidan's College 70th Anniversary Reunion Weekend

There were over 200 confirmed attendees as at Friday 16th June.  The 181 names below are those that have agreed to having their names published on the website.  Online bookings have now closed, however if you want to come along it may yet be possible to squeeze you on.  Just drop us an email at reunions1@aidans-alumni.org.uk and we will see what we can do!

Once again we have arranged the list by "Years at Aidan's", so it is easy for you to see who is coming from your "era".

Custom Report
Name Years at Aidan’s Subject
Mary Holmes (nee Scruby) 1951-54 General (Latin/Greek/Ancient History)
Zonia Wood (nee Taylor) 1951-55 Physics
Shirley Christine Dex  1953-56 Music + Latin
Selina Crossfield  1955-59 Geography and Dip Ed.
Janice Hobday  1956-60 Gen/Arts + Finch + Music
Ann Eustace (nee Wilcox) 1956-60 Science + Education
Julia Tolley  1957-62 General and Dip. Ed. (French, German, Psychology)
Ann Severn (nee Hinks) 1957-60 English
Sian Batchelder (nee Humphreys) 1957-61 French / English
Jan Smith (nee Watson) 1958-61 Social Studies 
Patricia Calmels (nee Common) 1959-62 Social Studies
Susan Ledger (nee Woodrow) 1959-63 French with Spanish
Anna Whalley (nee Pike) 1959-63 Botany
Rachel Hamer (nee Hamilton) 1959-62 History
 Alison Pearson (nee Jones) 1959-62 History honours
Fiona Cobb (nee Matthison) 1960-63 Music
Elizabeth Hollas (nee Chatburn) 1964-67 Social Studies
Barbara Smith (nee Pope) 1965-68 Theology
Clare Blenkinsop  1966-69 Sociology
Caroline Peacock (nee Dingwall) 1966-70 Modern Languages
Judith Womack  1968-71 Mathematics
Moira Seton (nee Dolan) 1969-73 German/Russian
Elisabeth Bryant (nee Eastaugh) 1970-73 Botany
Ann Rosyn Kirkbride (nee Purvis) 1970-73 Geography
Jane Sanders  1972-75 English
Lynn Shaw (nee Usmar) 1972-75 General Science
Alison Bromley  1973-76 Modern History
Janet Pullen (nee Hicklin) 1973-76 Chemistry
Ishbel Curr  1973-76 History
Dorina Latawska (nee Doughty) 1973-76 Music
Janet Pullen (nee Hicklin) 1973-76 Chemistry
Jan Corlett (nee Taylor) 1975-78 Law
Janet Nattrass (nee Yarwood) 1975-78 Law
Jan O'Brien (nee Collinge ) 1977-81 French, Italian subsid
Heather Clemans (nee Clarke) 1977-81 French (+German subsid.)
Julia Lever (nee Lever) 1977-80 Botany
Gillian Kennan (nee Armitage) 1977-80 Modern Persian
Anne Ball  1978-82 French
Beverley Goodger (nee Williams) 1978-81 Biology
Val Dawson (nee Jones) 1978-81 Botany
Janet Kennedy  1978-82 German and Russian
Ruth Manning (nee Manning) 1979-82 Engineering Science
Julie Ann Burrett  1979-82 Mathematics
Janice Crozier  (nee Kemp) 1979-82 Maths
Julie Ann Burrett  1979-82 Mathematics
John Mullins  1981-84 Applied Physics
Pete Green  1981-84 Maths & Psychology
Andrew Walters  1982-85 Geology
Laurie Marron  1982-85 History
Heather Campbell  1982-85 Geography
Sue Couldery (nee French) 1982-85 Mathematics
Tot Drake  1982-85 Law
Michael Hayes  1982-85 Physics
Ashi Shah  1982-85 Physics
Jane Fleming  1982-85 Law
Gordon White  1982-85 Classics
Claire Stephens (nee Moran) 1982-85 Maths
Andy Smith  1982-85 Mathematics
Janice Bailey (nee Blackburn) 1982-85 Natural Sciences (Maths & Psychology)
Helen Plumb  1982-85 Geology
Angus Rhodes  1982-85 Chemistry
Catherine Cuffley (nee Johnson) 1983-86 English Language and Literature
Andrew Emsley  1983-86 Physics
Susanna Emsley (nee Girling) 1983-86 Psychology
Joseph Williams  1983-86 Engineering
Alison Schenker (nee Fendley) 1984-87 English Language and Literature
Helen Dunman  1984-87 Sociology
Bridget Lacey (nee Pulfrey) 1984-87 PSYCHOLOGY
Julie Mills  1984-87 Economics
Kate Parry  1984-87 English
Lizanne Barber  1984-88 French and German
Cathy Pover-Jones (nee Pover) 1984-87 English
Helen Crosbie (nee Burt) 1984-87 Engineering
Karen Williams  1984-88 French & German
Kathrine Western  1984-88 French and German
Sam Young (nee Fielding) 1985-88 Economics and Politics
Louise Williams (nee Bibby) 1985-88 Applied Physics with Electronics
Robert McKinnon  1985-88 Molecular Biology
Philip Bailey  1986-89 Engineering Science
Thomas Manson  1986-89 Engineering
Peter Innes  1986-89 Mathematics
Keith Pickard  1986-89 Mathematics
Chris Cotton  1986-90 Chinese
Colin Spinley  1986-89 Engineering 
Suzanne Baxter (nee Naylor) 1986-89 Geography / College Domestic Rep
Gary Tetlow  1986-89 Engineering
James Dening  1988-91 Physics
Cathy Limbrick (nee Wainwright) 1988-92 Archaeology
Heather Seddon (nee Richmond) 1988-91 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
David Haycox  1988-92 French & German
Kevin Brandreth  1988-92 Mathematics
Tariq Sadiq  1988-91 History and Politics
Robert Graham  1988-91 Natural Sciences
Karen Kindley  1989-92 Law
Catherine Birbeck (nee Foley) 1989-92 Classics
David Seddon  1990-92 Student Mentor
Phil Birch  1991-98 Physics
Mark Colling  1991-94 Mathematics
Stuart Perry  1991-94 Computer Science
Emma Fisher (nee Barley) 1993-97 Sociology and social policy
Matthew Hindmarch  1993-96 Combined Social Sciences
Kathryn Hindmarch (nee Eley) 1993-96 Geography
Matthew Kelly  1993-96 Law
Andrew Francis  1993-96 Geology
Neil Howcutt  1993-96 Physics
David Barker  1994-97 Physics and Chemistry of Materials
Simon Williams  1994-97 Geography
Stefan Valdinger  1994-97 Psychology
Joanna Burke (nee Cook) 1994-98 Psychology
Mike Moore  1994-97 Economics
Duncan Weisters  1994-98 Economics with French /beer
Jonathan Simpson  1994-98 Engineering
Matthew Parry  1994-98 History
David Cockburn  1994-97 Mathematics
Richard Budd  1994-97 Maths &  Computing
Ben Fisher  1995-97 Physics
Elisabeth Galvin (nee Attwood) 1995-98 Combined Arts
Lizzie Scott (nee Bryce) 1995-98 Psychology
Simon Flanagan  1995-98 Physics
Emma Faragher (nee Blake-Lobb) 1995-98 Sociology
Julia Caskey (nee McKay) 1995-98 Geography
ELISABETH GALVIN (nee ATTWOOD) 1995-98 Combined Arts
Emma Parry (nee Emma Such) 1995-99 English
Chris Whitaker   1996-99 Geology
Simon West  1996-2000 History
Abby Robinson  1996-98 Geography
Ellie Garcia-Brown (nee Brown) 1998-2001 Natural Sciences
Richard Caulfield  1999-2003 Combined Social Sciences
Andrew Gates  1999-2003 Politics
Glen Christie  1999-2003 Classical Studies
Matthew Spence  2000-2003 Cell Biology
Matt  Spence  2000-2003 Cell Biology 
Nicola Balfour (nee Grimwood) 2000-2004 Modern European Languages
Saffron Inkster (nee Shaw) 2000-2003 English Literature
Ruth Selby (nee Vincent) 2000-2003 History
Liz Eighteen (nee Snow) 2000-2003 Combined Social Sciences
Emily Clark (nee Bailey) 2000-2003 English Literature
Sarah Nacey  2000-2003 Sociology
Emma Innes (nee Bodsworth) 2000-2003 English Literature
Jill Wilson (nee Higgins) 2000-2004 Modern European Languages
Heather Brooks  2003-2006 Modern Languages - French
Laura Douglass (nee Hunter) 2004-2006 PPE
Bernadette McCarthy (nee Flaherty) 2004-2006 Geography
Laura Croft  2004-2006 Law
David Corbyn  2004-2007 Chemistry
Leon Clement  2004-2006 Geography
Becky  Lidster  2004-2007 Zooology/JCR President
Helen Stuart  2004-2006 History
Charles Adams  2006-10 Computer Science
Katja Trela-larsen  2006-2009 Chemistry
Clare Nicoll  2006-10 Natural Science
Amy Routledge  2006-2009 English
Alison Woodward  2007-11 Chemistry
Rebecca Ormshaw  2008-12 Modern Languages
David Morris  2008-13 History
Gemma Wells (nee Bowcock) 2008-11 Ecology
Tom Tanvir  2008-12 Civil Engineering
Philip Dickens  2008-12 Chemistry
Liam Blacklock  2008-11 Zoology
Nicholas Moore  2008-12 Geography
Theodora Chen  2009-13 Maths
Edward Smith  2010-14 Modern Languages
Rory Curnock Cook  2010-13 Cell Biology
Emma Holloway  2010-13 Ancient, Medieval and Modern History
Sam Foster  2010-13 English Literature
Avantika Sharma  2010-13 Economics
Fiona Reid  2010-14 Maths
Katherine Murphy  2010-14 Anthropology
Kenneth Sandman  2011-15 Electronic Engineering
Helen Chamberlain   2011-16 Physics (MPhys)
Jack Bayer  2011-14 Anthropology
James  Hammond   2011-15 Chemistry 
Lauren Polson  2012-16 Mathematics
Dyana Rodriguez  2014-16 Theology and Religious Studies
Carol Liu  2016-17 MBA
Josh Wells  n/a n/a
David Cuffley  n/a n/a
Eva Jacobs  n/a n/a
Kenneth Holmes  n/a n/a
Oana Sadiq  n/a n/a
Gerry Burke  n/a n/a

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