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Scholarships for Afghan Women Update

Exceptionally intelligent and courageous young women at Kabul University had risked disfigurement or worse, for the chance of an undergraduate education, then, they craved quality postgraduate study. Durham University's Scholarships for Afghan Women Appeal changed lives by helping these women achieve their ambition.


Our alumni and other supporters generously funded fourteen Master’s scholarships for Afghan women from Kabul University. And supported three of the women who went on to doctoral programmes.

Providing opportunities to women who had risked so much to gain an education was impressive in itself, yet it would not have been possible to predict the impact of the campaign less than ten years later. The women have gone on to work in a variety of areas such as economic development, business development, housing, research and digital industries.

Shogofa Sarabi (Ustinov, International Business Management, 2014) explains the impact of her scholarship:

“...studying at Durham University [in] a well-developed country inspired me to bring positive changes to life, my country, especially women”.

Inspiring Girls

Shogofa has used her economic development experience of supporting women to develop small and medium sized businesses to set up the voluntary group ‘Inspiring Girls’. The aim of this group is to inspire women to set up their own businesses while giving them the training they need to succeed.


You can view the Inspiring Girls Facebook page here.

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StartUp Girls 2018

Shogofa recently held a second business start-up event, where over 120 women worked in teams to develop businesses with the aim of winning one of four prizes; first prize was $4000 of business support for the winning business. High ranking officials have attended both events. Her ambition is to expand the programme to other provinces and to women in villages who have fewer training opportunities.


You can view a video of the event here.


“...I intend to share the knowledge I received from Durham University with other girls who have not benefited from such an opportunity”.

(Shogofa Sarabi, Ustinov, International Business Management, 2014)


Shogofa has responded to the opportunity she received in a most inspiring way.

Back in 2009 the aim of this Chancellor's Appeal was to provide post-graduate education to those who had been denied it. Thanks to your donations and the talent and tenacity of the women involved the impact of this appeal has been so much greater than we could have hoped.


We would like to say a sincere thank you to all who supported this appeal.

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parwana osmani

" was the most rewarding opportunity given to me that totally changed my life and career."

Parwana Osmani, St Marys, Internet Systems and E-Business, 2012

fazela Mahmoodi

"I was able to grow personally and professionally while studying at Durham."

Fazela Mahmoodi, St Aidans, MA Business Management, 2012

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