20th Anniversary Reunion of joining Grey, September 2017

A reunion event to celebrate the 1997 class 20th Anniversary of Matriculating with dinner was held on Saturday 16th September 2017. 

Over 40 students from that year came back to the College for the event and a great time was had by all.


This event has already happened.
List of Attendees at the event

Midori Abraham Julia Landon
Wes Ball Matt Ledgard
Edward Barnes Neil Lindsay
Scott Brown Paul Lynas
Ali Burrell Ian Mackie
Parik Chandra Anna McGlynn
Kylie Cliff Elena Mills
Thomas Cliff Lisa Mitchinson
Claire  Coladangelo (nee Melly) Naomi Panter
Simon Coopey Jen Probert
Andrew Cox Edward Roberts
Georgina Creighton  Georgina Rudd
Anne Fairbairn Karen Sadler
Gareth Ford Ruth  Saunders
Katy Fowler Rosalind Seagren
Daniel Hawkins-Crockford Rachel Teasdale
Lindsey Hitchcock Paul Teasdale
Sandra Iskander Kate Thurland
Emma Jameson Christopher Turner-Fielder
Laura Jordan James Walker

Grey College
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