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Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder

Year on year our graduates go out into the wider world, enriched by the Hatfield spirit, to join the network of Hatfield alumni. Our alumni are an important part of the College community and through the work of the College, Hatfield Association and the Hatfield Trust, they continue to drive and shape the future of our College.

There are many ways to stay connected with College, from attending alumni events and reunions, volunteering to supporting Trust initiatives and offering career support to Hatfield students.


The Lions' Network

The Hatfield Trust

The Hatfield Trust offers financial assistance to Hatfield students through a range of initiatives. Click below to find out more about our work and how you can donate.

The Hatfield Association

Helping Hatfielders to stay Hatfielders for life. Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder!

Hatfield College Merchandise

Browse our collection of Hatfield-inspired gifts and memorabilia.

Hatfield Events

Calendar of Events

Current list of events taking place for all Hatfield alumni. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lioness Fund

The Lioness Fund was set up to celebrate 30 years of women at Hatfield, creating the Lioness Scholarship and the installation of the Lioness Sculpture in College.

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