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Alumni in Queen's New Year Honours 

We were delighted to see so many Durham University alumni recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List:

Dr William P Aspinall (Physics, Hatfield College, 1967) CMG For services to the Government and community in Montserrat

Ms Sheila A Battersby (Psychology, Trevelyan College, 1973) OBE For services to Civil Society and Community Action in the North West of England

Mrs Marianne L Black (Classics, Hatfield College, 1997) MBE For services to British international education

Mr Timothy J Colley (Natural Sciences, Collingwood College, 1987) MBE For services to Anguilla

Mrs Helen K Dicker (Engineering, Trevelyan College, 1986) MBE For services to Education

Mr Ronald V Emerson FRSA (Management Studies, Graduate Society, 1970) CBE For services to International Banking and the Financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Mr Ian Gray (Applied Physics & Electronics, Hatfield College, 1971) OBE For services to UK-Egypt trade relations

Mr Dominic Johnson (Politics, Collingwood College, 1995) CBE For political service

Mrs Davinder Kaur (Business Counselling, Graduate Society, 2003) BEM For services to Women's Enterprise and the community in Sandwell, West Midlands

Mr Michael D Keigwin (Business Administration, 2006) MBE For services to African wildlife and conservation

Professor John A Pyle FRS (Physics, Grey College, 1972) CBE For services to Atmospheric Chemistry and Environmental Science

Mr Peter W Rowley (Organisational Consulting, Graduate Society, 2002) OBE For services to Sports Administration

Dr Adrian M Simper (Mathematics, Van Mildert College, 1988) OBE For services to the UK nuclear industry in Japan

Mr Geoffrey E G Stock (Education, St John's College, 1967) MBE For services to Young People and the community in Horfield, Bristol

Professor David G Vaughan (Geophysics, Hatfield College, 1988) OBE For services to Glaciology

Dr Margaret A Whalley MBE (Education, St Mary's College, 1976) CBE For services to Education

Mr Colum G M Wilson (Engineering & Management, University College, 1989) OBE For services to Humanitarian Relief

Miss Qurratul A Zaidi (Community & Youth Work, Hatfield College, 2007) BEM For services to Football Coaching


Dr Luke P H Rittner DCL (Honorary, 2006) CBE For services to the Arts particularly Dance