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Largest Ever Gift Received From an Alumnus

The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) is excited to announce that Collingwood College has received a gift of £4,000,000 (£5,000,000 with Gift Aid) to establish a new 200-seater Arts Centre, a gym extension, a yoga/Pilates studio, an enlarged JCR, and a Bar conservatory. This transformational gift has been generously donated by Collingwood alumnus, Mark Hillery (1985-88). This is a truly outstanding example of philanthropy from a very loyal and fully engaged alumnus. 

New developments

This gift follows Mark’s recent donation of £300,000 towards the College’s new multi-use games area. 

Mark’s involvement has extended beyond his generous giving. He is also working closely with the Principal of Collingwood College and colleagues in DARO on ensuring that the design and function of these new developments are outstanding, and is also assisting in the impending launch of a major alumni fund-raising campaign. 

New developments

Bruno van Dyk, Director of DARO commented:
“Mark Hillery’s commitment and contributions are exceptional and his support for Collingwood unprecedented; Professor Joe Elliott’s collaboration with DARO in securing this investment is inspirational: the example that has been provided by a remarkable philanthropist and an aspirational Head of House serves as a shining example of what is possible if we work together to achieve Durham’s multiple objectives in the pursuit of excellence in research, education and the wider student experience. A bright future beckons!”

New developments