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Changing the way we fundraise – Introducing the Durham University Annual Fund

Thank you for considering a gift to Durham University. By supporting the University, you will be helping us to improve what we do: whether it is making a difference to people around the world through our research or enhancing the value of education we provide to current (and future) students.

This year we are introducing a new way of raising money for the University. In the past you will have received letters asking you to support the Chancellor’s Appeal. You might also have had letters from your college or department, and possibly from a sport you were involved in.

The Durham University Annual Fund is a new approach to fundraising because it brings all these fundraising ‘asks’ under one umbrella. Instead of a mix of uncoordinated campaigns by various elements of the organisation, the new arrangement will give you a much smoother and more joined-up experience of giving to the University. 

Of course, you will still be able to direct your gifts to the part of the University you want to support. And you will still get letters from the Chancellor, from college principals or masters, from departmental heads and from sports captains which champion individual areas of need. What is different is that all these ‘asks’ will now be coordinated and, more importantly, the arrangements ensure that once you have chosen to support a particular area, you will not be approached again by another part of the University for a full year. This is why it has been called the Durham University Annual Fund .

 If you would prefer to donate by post, please download a copy of the donation form here

Please send it to:

Development Office
Durham University
Freepost DU 157
PO Box 43


Thank you for supporting your University. 

Contact Details

Alumni Relations Office
The Palatine Centre 
Durham University
Stockton Road


You can also join us on our Facebook fansite and on the LinkedIn Group we support. 

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