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St Cuthbert's Society

Annual Fund Appeal Letter

You can also join us on our Facebook fansite and on the LinkedIn Group we support. 
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To contact the maintainers of this page, please email help@dunelm.org.uk

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Anonymous gifts

If you indicate that you wish this gift to be anonymous, we understand this to mean that you want us to ensure that knowledge of your gift is kept solely within the University and is only accessible to University staff.  We will not include you within the web-based donor Roll of Honour.  If you have other specific wishes regarding your anonymity, please indicate this to us in the comments box above.

To contact the maintainers of this page, please email the Annual Giving Assistant at annual.fund@durham.ac.uk.  
If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Annual Giving team on 0191 334 6298.

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