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The Rosemary Cramp Fund

As part of our celebrations of Rosemary Cramp’s life and achievements in archaeology and at Durham we are also promoting The Rosemary Cramp Fund.

The Fund was set up on the retirement of Professor Rosemary Cramp from the Chair of Archaeology at Durham University to honour her many achievements and contributions to archaeology and the heritage.  The Fund makes grants to individuals and organisations who put forward projects that fall within its scope; and where there is a strong emphasis on innovation.

The main area of interest of the fund is the archaeology and heritage of the British Isles, with a particular emphasis on Northern Britain between 400 and 1100 AD.  Proposals to assist student research projects are especially welcome, though organisations and other individuals are also encouraged to apply.  Since its inception the fund has supported over 150 initiatives and projects enabling students and researchers to attend conferences, travel for research, create research tools and web-resources and develop workshops and networking events. In doing so it has provided a vital resource enabling early career researchers to develop their skills and careers.

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