Terms and Conditions

All users need to abide by the terms and conditions of this site. The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions and users are encouraged to review them periodically.

1. Online Community Membership

The online community is open to alumni, students, staff and other friends of Durham University. Some content is restricted to particular users who have registered and been accepted by the University, or whose registrations are pending acceptance.

Student access

Current University students are able to register for the Dunelm community; however they are not able access all the functionality that is available to alumni members.

Business School student access

Students from the Business School have access to all the functionality that is available to alumni. Many of these students are distance learners or are working whilst studying and therefore benefit from the networking opportunities afforded by this online community.

2. Alumni Personal Information and the Data Protection Act

Your personal profile is only viewable by yourself. The details that you view are those that we have recorded on the University alumni database.

If they are not correct, you can update them. You will immediately view the details but they will be verified by us before they are formally accepted as changes. We will endeavour to do this within three working days of receipt of your update. If we are unable to accept the change, we will contact you and your profile will revert back to the original details prior to your amendment.

All information collected from users will be used by the University in accordance with the purposes provided to the Information Commissioner under Data Protection legislation. In summary, the information will be used exclusively for advancing the interests of the University, including fundraising, promoting links between the University (including Colleges) and its former students and for providing services to alumni and friends.

We can assure you that your details will never be disclosed to an independent third party, with the exception of the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) to whom we are required to provide details for the purpose of a survey of new graduates. If you have specific preferences about the way we contact you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

You may also be interested to read our Privacy Policy.

3. Email Communications

We want to communicate with you about opportunities to stay involved including reunions, other special events, services we can offer you and ways you can continue to support the University. Email is a cost-effective way for us to do this. By registering for the online community, and providing your email address, we will contact you for the above purposes.

However, if you have specific preferences regarding the type of email communications you want to receive please let us know.

4. Email Forwarding Account

The email forwarding service is offered free of charge to alumni, former staff, graduating students and friends of the University, solely at DARO's discretion and may be terminated at any time, although there is no intention to withdraw the service. DARO and the University cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage due to the failure or termination of the service, although we will make reasonable efforts to let you know in advance of foreseeable service interruptions.

Any email name may be requested by the alumnus/a. This will normally follow the form: username@dunelm.org.uk

Please be aware that some names will already have been taken. Any email name which could be construed as offensive, or which could bring the University into disrepute, will be removed.

The service may be used for personal purposes only. It is not intended as a business service (e.g. a helpdesk or ordering email address) and DARO reserves the right to terminate the service if substantial business use is evident.

While DARO and the University will never attempt to gain access to the content of emails, their complete security cannot be guaranteed since email is not a secure transmission medium.

The use of a dunelm.org.uk address does imply any approval of or recommendation by Durham University in respect of a user of the service, or of the content of any email or any other use of the service which the user may make, and may not be represented as such. Any user who attempts to imply that the address represents such an approval or recommendation is likely to have their account terminated.

Use of a Dunelm email address as the origin or reply-to address in unsolicited junk email (spam) is forbidden.

The deliberate sending of email infected with virus or other malicious attachments is forbidden. 

5. Event Registrations

If you register for one of our events, we may display your name so that other potential attendees know who is already booked. You can specifically inform us that you do not want your name to appear during the booking process. We will ensure that your wish is respected.

We will not include the names of guests that you book under such lists of event attendees.

Full Events Terms & Conditions

6. Donor Roll 

Each year the University publishes a list of the names of our donors on the Dunelm website. The list will be updated each October/November to reflect those making gifts within the last University financial year. Should a donor have indicated that their gift is anonymous their name will not appear.  If your name appears and you wish it to be removed, or if you are a donor and wish your name to be included, then please email donations@durham.ac.uk

7. Content

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on our website is correct at the time of publication. Please notify us at help@dunelm.org.ukif you notice any omissions or inaccuracies.

8. Trading Name

Durham University and the Durham University logo are registered trademarks of the University of Durham trading as Durham University. All rights reserved.
In March 2005 a review of the Durham brand resulted in a change of name and logo. Whilst its legal title is to remain unchanged as the 'University of Durham', the University is now generally be known as 'Durham University', which in legal terms amounts to the use of a trading name.