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Durham University’s Military Scholarships support candidates from a military background in overcoming adversity to complete a degree programme at Durham University. 

Opportunities for ex-service men & women
British military personnel and their families can pay an enormous price in the service of their country. Successive deployments to the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya have highlighted these travails all too well. A subsequent return to civilian life can be even more challenging.

For many, where a military career was chosen over higher education, lives changed by conflict now need to adjust and re-focus, and a Durham degree will be a formative step in that process. In 2011 two St Cuthbert’s alumni generously established two military scholarships. We are looking to raise sufficient funds to establish an endowment or at least double the current scholarship provision. This will enable Durham University to provide opportunities for British ex-service personnel who have suffered in the service of their country to undertake undergraduate study.

The Scholarships are designed to support an individual, or an immediate family member or dependent, who has been injured, wounded, or sick as a direct result of military service, and is honourably discharged from service.

Scholarship recipients will become members of St Cuthbert’s Society, one of the University’s oldest student communities, where they will receive pastoral support. The Society’s military heritage is extensive. Many staff and students fought in both First and Second World Wars and in 1946 the Society was re-founded by veterans of the war. This debt of gratitude will never be forgotten and lies at the heart of the modern scholarly community.

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