Mentor of the Year Award

Mentor of the Year 2015/16

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the award of Mentor of the Year for 2015-16 goes to alumna Kamales Lardi (MBA, 2004). Kamales has been an outstanding supporter of DUBS not just by mentoring but also in her role on the advisory board.

                      • Mentor of the Year 2014/15

                        Congratulations to alumus Frank Wege (MBA, 2005) on receiving the accolade of Mentor of the Year for 2014/15. This year, Frank took on an unprecedented four mentees, more than any other mentor. Remarkably, Frank was nominated for this award by three of his four mentees: Amol Joshi (MBA, 2015), Rahul Kaul (MBA, 2015), and Anindita Saha (MBA, 2015). Frank’s mentees had this to say:

                        "Frank has been of great support and help throughout this year. We were on frequent contact and he has helped me in almost every step of my MBA degree. He personally took time out to meet me at Frankfurt, when I went for my International Study Week (ISW) in Germany. Overall, Frank was very supportive, motivating and an inspiring mentor. I would like to nominate Frank for the 'Mentor of the Year' title.” – Anindita Saha (MBA, 2015)

                        "Frank has been extremely supportive and helpful to me throughout the year. He has been in touch on a regular basis, sharing his experience of the MBA and of corporate life. He has given me invaluable advice on various occasions for my modules, individually sourced SB Projects and general career. I will certainly stay in touch with him on completion of my MBA." - Rahul Kaul (MBA, 2015)

                      • Mentor of the Year 2013/14

                        A huge thank you to alumna Claire Rose (MBA, 1996) on volunteering as a mentor for the DUBS Alumni Network Mentor Scheme from which she was awarded the accolade of Mentor of the Year 2013/14. Claire was nominated by her mentee Aditi Ray (Full Time MBA 2013) who stated that:

                        "The distance between us did not inhibit our communication frequency, I am planning to see her in future when i visit Cambridge for future job interviews. She helped not only in advising how to manage my work-life balance, but also assisted in providing leads for self-sourced projects and internships. She has been an emotional as well as an academic support almost throughout the process. Having been a part of the same MBA journey, she could relate to the stress and understood the importance of the commitment level required. She deserves recognition of all the time and resource she invested on me."

                      • Mentor of the Year 2012/13

                        Congratulations to Lee Ho Tung (Global MBA, 2004) on receiving our Mentor of the Year 2012/13 accolade. Ho Tung was nominated by his mentee Duc Nhan Nguyen (Full Time MBA 2013) who stated that:

                        "Lee is doing a fantastic job as my mentor and I am receiving a number of insightful suggestions in my course of study, as well as about my career plan. Last year he helped me build up my business plan in the Blueprint competition where it reached the semi-finals, with the process aiding my understanding of how to apply business theory to practice. It also kept me working on my business plan for the future. During a charity project to help farmers in Uganda, I experienced conflict with a member of my team; Lee helped me step back and understand the bigger picture. I learnt how to put aside my ego and strive for common goals. That particular project was one of three international projects chosen to represent Durham University at the Enactus UK National Competition, reaching the semi-final in April 2013. Moreover, Lee has motivated me significantly with regards my future career and has helped me gain the confidence to take up an internship. I would like to keep in touch with Lee and to say thank you to him."

                      • Mentor of the Year 2011/12

                        We are pleased to announce Elizabeth Scott (Exec MBA 2001/03) has been awarded DUBS Mentor of the Year 2011/12. Elizabeth was nominated by her mentee Flavia Tabora (MA HRM 2011/12) who said of her mentor

                        "Elizabeth is a great mentor because she knows how to listen to me and she helps me organise my ideas in order to achieve my goals. I think she is very committed to her role".