Exclusive MBA webinar series July 2021

Following the success of last year’s ‘Live in Lockdown’ webinars, we are delighted to invite our MBA alumni to join us for our live ‘Managing and leading in challenging times’ series. This series aims to provide you with the opportunity to learn and debate key business issues through a short series of online events exclusively for our MBA alumni which will be held throughout July.

Managing and Leading Organisational Change
Since the impact of the global pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in organisations across the globe, Professor Julie Hodges will will kick off the series by exploring ‘Managing and Leading Organizational Change’ at 6pm on Wednesday 7 July. In this session Professor Hodges will explore how to engage key stakeholders, including employees, with organisational transformations in a proactive way that helps to ensure inclusivity and engagement with continuous change.

Exporting in Challenging Times
Our online MBA programme director Dr Jorge Lengler will draw on his extensive experience with emerging market enterprises, export SMEs, business authorities and policymakers to develop your understanding of the strategies firms have adopted to remain competitive in foreign markets in his webinar on 'Exporting in Challenging Times' at 1pm on Thursday 8 July.

Fighting Fraud in Healthcare
Professor Amir Michael, the full time MBA director will share the findings of his recent research using artificial intelligence and data analytics to detect fraud and forecast overspending in a webinar on ‘Fighting Fraud in Healthcare – protecting ourselves with AI and data analytics’ on Tuesday 13 July at 6pm.

Strategic Decisions in Uncertain Times
Fellow MBA alumnus Professor Simon Haslam will consider approaches to ‘Strategic Decisions in Uncertain Times’ on Wednesday 14 July at 6pm. Simon will draw on agile strategy and contemporary leadership theories to enable you to contribute further to effective decision making within your organisation.

The challenges of leading and managing organisations through these uncertain times are considerable for everyone. We hope that by providing opportunities for you to learn about leading edge research and thinking in key business topics and also to debate some of the challenges you are facing in these areas will help you to address some of the issues you are facing and to continue to engage with our Durham MBA alumni community.