Dunelm Circle: A Celebration of Legacies
Online event series

We warmly invite you to attend any or all of the forthcoming events: three talks showcasing the breadth of our research and teaching.

An Opportunity Beneath our Feet
Professor Karen Johnson, Department of Engineering and Durham Energy Institute

Friday 13 November, 11.00am - 12noon

Professor Karen Johnson will discuss an optimistic approach to mitigating one of the planet’s pressing environmental issues, as research undertaken in County Durham paves the way to a novel use of wastes as resources.

Since industrialisation, a third of all global greenhouse gas emissions have come from the land. Many of us think that fossil fuels are to blame, and they are to a certain extent, but they only account for two thirds of the emissions from the land. The other third is from the soil. We have literally been turning the soil into thin air – carbon dioxide – and contributing to a vicious cycle of soil degradation (via wind and water erosion) and climate change. This is because we have been taking out more than we've been putting in: more organic matter, that is. This talk will look at ways to rebuild our soils by using wastes as resources and will explain the opportunities this might provide for community and soil regeneration.

Karen is a Professor of Environmental Engineering and a member of Durham Energy Institute. She trained as a hydrogeologist and worked in industry before completing a PhD in mine water treatment. With much of her research focused on the treatment of contaminated water and soil, she regularly collaborates with industry, regulatory bodies and policy makers, as well as academics in the sphere of both science and social science.

Oriental Museum Curator’s Spotlight on Legacy Gifts
Rachel Barclay, Curator, Durham University’s Oriental Museum

Thursday 19 November, 11.00am - 12noon

The Oriental Museum is a treasure trove devoted entirely to the art and archaeology of the great cultures of Northern Africa and Asia. It is a world class Designated Outstanding Collection, with more than 36,000 objects, ranging in date from prehistory to the present day, housed in the museum’s galleries and stores. Of these, around 1,000 objects have been donated as gifts in wills or gifts in memory of a loved one.

The Curator, Rachel Barclay, will shine a light on some of these greatly-valued gifts, telling us their story. Each item carried meaning for the people whose lives it touched: by telling the story of the objects, Rachel will show that the items that were precious to their former owners are now equally highly prized as part of the collection.

If the event whets your appetite to visit the Museum in future, you will be in for a treat in 2021: the new Silk Roads gallery will transform the ground floor, re-framing objects from the collection and allowing their history to be appreciated as part of a richly interlinked journey through myriad cultures. And if a trip to Durham is not on the cards for you, the gallery has online resources which will be signposted at the end of the event. Either way, the Curator’s Talk will open the door to a little-known part of Durham University and welcome you in. Join us!

Borders Research in a Shifting Landscape
Professor Philip Steinberg, Director, Centre for Borders Research

Monday 30 November, 2.00 - 3.00pm

IBRU, our Centre for Borders Research, is the world’s leading research centre on international boundary making and dispute resolution. It delivers tangible impact by offering unique training and consultancy and carrying out research. Its approach comes from an understanding of the need to view international boundaries and law through the prism of the changing shape of the world.

Factors such as climate change, which creates geophysical change, and globalisation, which creates new mobility and divisions, have a bearing on outcomes such as implementation and decision making, conflict and resolution.

IBRU Director, Professor Philip Steinberg, will provide an introduction to the work of IBRU and share news of the impact of two gifts gratefully received by the Centre in recent years: a legacy gift that has created a new prize and a gift in-memory of an esteemed colleague to establish a scholarship.

Philip’s talk promises to give an insight into a fascinating area of research and collaboration that is facilitating enhanced understanding and peaceful resolution of disputes: our University in action.

These events are a celebration of Durham University legacy donors and gifts made in memory of loved ones. They offer an opportunity to engage with Durham’s inspiring, transformative research and teaching. Your continued interest in our work and ongoing support are deeply appreciated. I hope to welcome you along. 

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Part of the Legacy 2020 Showcase
13 November 2020 at 11:00
Part of the Legacy 2020 showcase
19 November 2020 at 11:00
Part of the Legacy 2020 Showcase
30 November 2020 at 14:00

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