Durham University

150th Anniversary

Celebrating 150 years of the Durham Alumni community

In 2016 we are celebrating a major milestone in the history of alumni relations at Durham. It is the 150th anniversary of the establishing of the first Durham University alumni society in London, which formed on 31 May 1866. Alumni, friends and supporters have been fundamental in shaping Durham University in to what it is today, and we invite you to celebrate this landmark of 150 years of alumni support.

In order to mark this anniversary, the Development and Alumni Relations Office are asking alumni around the world to get involved with Durham University activities – whether you have never left Durham and return to your old college or department at every opportunity since graduation, or whether you are now looking for new opportunities to engage with your alma mater.

There are many ways to stay involved with Durham, from attending lectures and seminars on campus, attending alumni gatherings, or offering your time and expertise by volunteering to support the University. Find out more about the opportunities to volunteer.

To mark the celebration, Dunelm Society, the independent association of all Durham alumni, organised a series of celebratory events in London. Additionally, a series of Dunelm Days events took place across the globe, largely organised and hosted by fellow Durham alumni. Dunelm Days has taken place over the past three years and is a celebration what it means to be a Durham graduate, the importance of University connections and maintaining these connections.

The majority of Dunelm Days events took place during the month of June, following the actual anniversary on 31 May. A number of our national and international volunteers had events including boat trips and pool parties. We would like to encourage anyone with ideas for an event in their city or region to email alumni.volunteer@durham.ac.uk.