St John's Events

John's alumni are invited to a wide variety of events put on throughout the year to help our community stay connected wherever they are in the world.


We are currently planning a joint Summer Reunion and Convocation in Durham in summer 2019, this will take place 20th-22nd September, with formal dinners on both the Friday and Saturday evenings.

In 2019 there will also be a 5 Year Reunion from 13th-15th September and a 10 Year Reunion from 6th-8th September.

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St John's College 5 Year Reunion

Friday 13 - Sunday 15 September

Inviting back the Freshers of 2011 for a walk down the not-so-distant memory lane! Come back to reunite with old Johnians over a formal meal, drinks in the bar and more. 

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St John's College All Years Reunion 2019

Friday 20 - Sunday 22 September

Reunite with fellow Johnians at this reunion for graduates of all ages. You and your friends can choose to attend a formal dinner on Friday or Saturday evening (or both!). There'll be optional events in College and around Durham over the weekend for you to choose from, and dedicated spaces for the different year groups.

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St John's College
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