The Sara Pilkington Personal Development Fund

The Sara Pilkington Personal Development Fund has been established by Sara's parents. Jonathan and Jools always encouraged Sara to embrace opportunities which would develop her as a person, broaden her life experiences and give her a rich understanding of the world around her.

As Sara's opportunities to gain from such experiences were sadly cut short, her parents have chosen to establish this fund so that other Collingwood students who might not otherwise be able to access similar character-building and life-affirming experiences can receive the necessary financial support to do so.

The fund assists Collingwood undergraduate students from low income backgrounds with the costs of participating in life-affirming experiences which they could not otherwise financially afford. Activities for which support may be provided to eligible students via the fund must be activities which would be considered to enhance a student’s personal and academic development, and/or their employability.

The fund is open to all Collingwood undergraduate students who are in receipt of a maintenance grant and/or overseas equivalent.

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