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To maximise the Mary's experience for the many generations of students who will join us in the future, we are delighted to launch a number of new schemes this year with which Mary's alumni and friends can become involved, both financial and/or through the donation of their invaluable time, knowledge, and experience.

As will be known to all Mary's alumni, our College was founded as one of the first of its kind in the UK - affording women the opportunity to receive a university-level education at a leading, world-class educational establishment. Equality, diversity, and integrity were among the key values upon which the College was founded, and remain as strong now as they did in 1899 - over 100 years later. These founding principles have allowed us to build a community of staff, students, and alumni like no other in Durham. We pride ourselves on the tightly knit, caring, inclusive community.

Two of our principal missions include ensuring the provision of an outstanding student experience and, based on our core values, a safe, caring and enjoyable environment in which to live and study. In order to achieve this we benefit from the generosity of our friend and alumni community to allow us to offer the best possible College facilities, support, and experiences. 

We ensure that our current students are aware of the generosity of our alumni and donors, so that when the time comes, after graduation, our students can help the next generation of Marians, like the previous generation did for them. 

As such, to allow Mary's friends and alumni to give something back as easily as possible, this year we have expanded the range of ways alumni and friends can support St Mary's and our students and increased the ways in which financial gifts can be allocated within College.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our donation pages, and please view our new schemes below.

The 1899 Club - Regular gift


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