1899 Club

The 1899 Club

To acknowledge and thank donors who kindly give regularly to St Mary’s College, helping us build a lasting legacy and provide the best possible supportive environment for our students, we have created the 1899 Club.


Named after the year in which St Mary’s College was first established, the 1899 Club awards its members a number of benefits to thank them for their generous support.

Like any donation, the direction of your regular gift can be specified on our donation form (e.g. Student Financial Hardship, Student Awards, etc.). Or if you leave this blank your gift will be allocated based on the needs in College. We hope the small benefits awarded to 1899 Club members demonstrate how much their kind financial support is appreciated throughout St Mary's College.

There are three tiers of support; Steward, Patron, and Supporter. Each of which offer different levels of benefits to donors. Please click below to view what benefits you will receive for your donation to St Mary’s College.


To qualify for the benefits offered within your chosen tier (Supporter, Patron, or Steward) simply complete the donation form at the bottom of that page. Once you have done this and we have received confirmation, we will send you an 1899 Club information pack to welcome you to the scheme, outlining the benefits you are entitled to.

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1899 Steward

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