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To ensure that we are able plan for the future and can devote resources to areas in College which need it most, we encourage our donors to donate via our 1899 Club. This allows donors to give £18.99 on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

In return for their generosity, and to thank those who give regularly to St Mary's College via our 1899 Club, we offer a range of small benefits.

Though we encourage anyone who wishes to donate to St Mary's College to do so via the 1899 Club, we understand that some people may simply wish to give one single financial gift. If this is the case, you can fill in the donation form below. You may specify the designation of your gift from the drop down box, or you may specify your own if it is not listed.



Important information: When completing the below donation form, once you get to the question asking "Where would you like to allocate your donation?" please choose and type in one of the recommended donation funds (listed below). By doing so, we will be able to spend the money you donate as effectively as possible and the way you wish within College.

If you would like to view the details of these of these funds, please click here.

Recommended donation allocations: 

  • Open to Principal's Discretion according to need
  • Development Fund (College Clubs and Societies)
  • Student Financial Hardship
  • Academic Support
  • Postgraduate Bursaries
  • Travel Bursaries

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View the Durham University Gift Acceptance Policy here


The 1899 Club - Regular gift


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£ 500.00
£ 250.00
£ 100.00
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£ 20.00
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