Second World War Memorial

“For our tomorrows, they gave their today” and now more than 144 people who gave their lives in the Second World War will finally be honoured in their church memorial. The parish church had a war memorial for those fallen in the First World War, but there was none for the Second.
Portchester’s brave men who fought between 1939 and 1945 have now had their names added to a memorial in St Mary’s Church following the determination of members of the community.

Portchester, situated to the north of Portsmouth Harbour has had a long association with the armed forces, particularly the Royal Navy whose headquarters are in Portsmouth.

The extended war memorial was unveiled by Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence on 4th December and unveiled by the Rt Rev Christopher Foster, Lord Bishop of Portsmouth.

The memorial, which is expected to be a working progress as more people come forward with names of family members, is accompanied by a book which contains pictures and stories of the names on the plaque as well as civilians from Portchester who lost their lives.

Before the service, it became apparent that all four who would be sitting together on the front row and taking part in the service had this in common – all were graduates of Durham University!

Ian Meredith and David Simpson can be seen in the photo wearing their Durham hoods.
Photo of Sir Timothy Laurence unveiling the plaque. Habibur Rahman, Portsmouth News

Photo left to right:
Rev David Simpson, Chaplain Royal Navy (BA, 1985)
Rev Dr Ian Meredith, Vicar of Portchester (PhD 2007)
Right Rev Christopher Foster, Lord Bishop of Portsmouth (BA, 1975)
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence (BSc,1970s)

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