St Cuthbert's Society 

Cuth's students have been busy!

Cuth's vs Hild Bede 'The Big Distance' Varsity Fundraiser

The JCR Outreach Committee held a varsity fundraiser with Hild Bede which started on Monday 11 May and ended on Sunday 17 May, with students, staff and alumni running, walking, cycling or rowing.

Over the week distances were logged and the college communities competed against each other, an especially impressive initiative during the first week of exams!

Participants, their friends, family and supporters, were asked to support Durham Foodbank.

The winner was Cuth’s with 4643km, just ahead of Hild Bede with 4521km! More importantly, £925 was raised for Durham Food Bank.

The JCR also organised ‘Cuth’s does Eurovision’

Eurovision, a hugely popular event at Cuth's, and something students look forward to as a revision break, went online this year with students and staff picking songs to "re-enter" into the competition. During the evening, teams watched a 2 hour long playlist of the "re-entered" acts and voted them on criteria such as "Variety and Appropriateness of Instruments", "General flair" and "Will you remember the basic tune of this song in half an hour?” Alfie Whillis, the current JCR Music Rep, livestreamed the results - a victory for what would have been Iceland's 2020 entry, and a crushing defeat for a soppy Belgian acoustic number.


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