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Career networks

Can you help current students?

When you first started to think about your career after Durham, would you have liked the opportunity to talk to someone who worked in your chosen field to find out what it’s really like? Now that you're working, would you be prepared to help the current generation of students with exactly that kind of information? Whether you work in Finance, Education or the Public Sector, in Research, Manufacturing or the Not-For-Profit sector, your experience could be invaluable to a current student about to embark on their chosen career.

Durham alumni make an enormous contribution to enriching the University as a whole, and we're always keen to find new opportunities for alumni who wish to ‘give back’ to their College or Department, in non-financial ways. Volunteering your time to offer careers information and advice to students is one such way you could get involved.  In particular, you could help by:

  • Sharing your experience of the workplace
  • Offering an insight into career pathways and development opportunities
  • Advising on what works in CVs and applications
  • Talking about sector-specific recruitment processes
  • Giving an insider’s view of a particular industry
  • Sharing your experiences of business start-ups
The Careers Network is the collective name for the career information schemes offered by each of the University’s sixteen colleges. Click on your college logo to see what your college is doing and how you can get involved.