Information for Students

As a DUBS student, you can use the platform to search for and contact alumni mentors.

How this scheme benefits you

1) Enhance your student experience - provide you with guidance on how to manage or approach your time here at Durham

2) Improve your employability– help you set goals and may provide introductions or flag up work experience or opportunities

3) Engage alumni in a rewarding way– learn from people who have been through a course at Durham University Business School and their experience after leaving Durham

It is your responsibility to do your academic work and to find employment, not your mentor’s. Remember mentors are busy people who are volunteering to help you. For this relationship to work, you need to be prepared to invest at least an hour every month to make it successful.

What the Scheme involves

Mentees are encouraged to tailor the scheme to their own personal goals and objectives. Prior to your first meeting, we would advise you to write down your goals for the scheme so you are able to discuss this with your mentor during your initial conversation.

How it works

Step 1: Sign up for an account here, then activate your mentee profile here. Any information you add will be added to your alumni record which you will keep after graduation.

Step 2: Use the search tool to find an alumna/us who might be able to help you.

Step 3: View their alumni profile, and if you'd like to, send them a message to start a relationship.

Step 4: You'll receive an email when your contact responds to your message.

Step 5:  Endeavour to make regular contact with your mentor, even if it is just to let them know you are busy with assignments.  If you are struggling to make regular contact, reflect on this and try to make sure you change the following month.

Step 6: For students on one-year courses the mentoring should cease at the end of the programme.  When a course runs for more than one year (such as the online MBA), after 12 months you should review whether you both still are finding the relationship worthwhile or if it is time for the student to seek a new mentor.  During your last session, discuss whether and how you would like to stay in touch.  When you've found out all you need to know, go to My Contacts to close your relationship.

Mentoring Guidelines:
1. Ensure that you treat your contact with respect and courtesy. Don't be demanding.
2. Our alumni are busy people, so don't expect an instant response.
3. Remember that you are representing Durham University Business School to its alumni. Our contacts might like to chat about DUBS and Durham as well as their careers.
4. If any of the contacts don't respond to you within 2 working weeks, or if any problems develop with your relationships, please email
5. You can only have one mentor.  The scheme is oversubscribed so if you don’t feel you’ve any more to gain from the relationship please politely agree to end the relationship with your mentor so they are free to support someone else.

By using this service, you agree to our terms and conditions.

How do I sign up?

First, request a Dunelm account here. A member of our team will then contact you to verify that you are a student on the Online MBA programme at Durham University. Once your account has been created you can activate your student profile here.

Is there a limit on how many relationships I can have?

You are allowed to select one mentor who will support you during the first 12 months of your course. At the end of the first year, we advise mentors and mentees to discuss whether to continue the relationship into the second year.

Is it okay to ask for employment?
This platform has been created so that you can get advice from alumni. You should not use it to ask for employment or work experience.

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