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Hatfield Events

Within College we host a wide range of events throughout the year and always look forward to welcoming you back.

However, if making your way to Durham is a little difficult ,we also run a number of events in different locations, most notably London. However, we are happy to organize or help organize an event in any location where you think there would be significant uptake. Please contact our Sabbatical Development Officer if you would like to make an event happen near you!

Events are a great way to meet up with old friends and make new ones. To see what is happening in the near future have a look at our Events Calendar.

Hatfield Events

Calendar of Events

Current list of events taking place for all Hatfield alumni. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Past Events

See our image gallery from all of our past events and relive all those great moments with friends.

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Dunelm Events

If you cannot make it to one of Hatfield reunions you can still get together with some of our university alumni during one of our worldwide get-togethers. Whether in Germany, US or Hong Kong, look out for exciting events near you!

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