The Hatfield Association

Initially formed in 1946 to avoid an unspeakable merger with Castle, the Hatfield Association now works hard to support the educational and welfare needs of college. Another task that the Association have taken on, is to ensure that all Hatfield Alumni feel as though they still belong to college; to do this they organize a number of events and liaise with SHAPED who invite Alumni back to college. To see what events are coming up check out the Events Calendar below.

The Association also work alongside The Hatfield Trust. If you would like to see what the Trust gets up to, or to donate, then click on the box below!

Also, make sure to sign up on the Association website to view The Hatfield Record!

The Lions' Network

The Lions' Network

Hatfield's platform for current students to connect with alumni to receive help and advice about the world of work and further study.

Hatfield Events

Calendar of Events

Current list of events taking place for all Hatfield alumni. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The Lions' Network

The Hatfield Trust

The Hatfield Trust offers financial assistance to Hatfield students through a range of initiatives. Click below to find out more about our work and how you can donate.

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