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The start of term has been busy as always. Freshers’ Week was a huge success thanks to the freps’ hard work and dedication. Particular highlights were the UV Party in the JCR and a very well attended first JCR Meeting. In the last couple of weeks, the JCR organised an Open Mic night in which freshers demonstrated their musical talents. The first formal of term was themed “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and featured costumes ranging from doctors to Lady Gaga.
JCR Communities Officer Crystal Moniz led a silent “Walk for Freedom” against slavery on Saturday the 20th of October, starting at the main entrance to college and ending in the Market Place. For many participants this was their first experience of public engagement and it also raised awareness in the city.

Recent Graduates Weekend will be taking place  10-11 of November this year! Make sure to come back to Aidan’s to have an opportunity to talk about your career path to Aidanites on Saturday afternoon and do attend the formal which will be held that night. Feel free to click “going” on this facebook event to receive updates:

A bumper crop of new postgraduates from around the world, both resident and livers out, made for a well-attended Welcome Formal. All executive positions are up for election at the SCR AGM on October 29th and planning the year’s events and activities can then take off….In the meantime, continuing PGs organised a series of informal gatherings and interest has been expressed in reviving the International Film Club and the Politics cafe, as well as volunteering, Enterprise events and Interfaith dialogue.

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