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    Trevelyan Building Projects

The Garden of Reflection

Work will soon begin on our Garden of Reflection. The Trevelyan Projects are based around the idea of strengthening the mind, body and soul of the College Community. The Garden of Reflection will provide a relaxing and peaceful place for members of College to take time out of the stresses of University life, as well as providing a place for alumni to come to reflect on  both their time in Durham and also friends who have now passed on. The Garden has been beautifully designed by Elizabeth Cooper (the mother of a Trevelyan alumnus) with input from foundation alumnae for whom the Garden is a particularly poignant element of the College’s plans.

The Library Extension

This is the third and final of the Trevelyan Projects. The proposed extension to the existing College library will provide a valuable addition to the workspace available in Trevelyan as seats in the Library become ever more difficult to find. The new addition will add approximately 50% to the current Library and will be specified as a group study space, of which there are few across the University. The new extension will enable Trevelyan to uphold its deserved reputation for consistently producing excellent academic results.

'The extension to Trevs library is much needed to house the ever-growing collection of books and offer valuable group study space which can’t be found elsewhere in college.'

Ellen Orange—MA English

Completed Project: The Garden Gym

This magnificent new build will provide a real boost to  the capacity of Trevelyan’s fitness facilities. The 100m2  Gym, to be constructed alongside the Sir James Knott Hall, will provide current and future students  with a state of the art fitness suite and  replace the current use of the Upper JCR. The  current gym is heavily used so this new build will be very popular with the students. The new gym will also allow the Upper JCR to be returned to its intended use.

“The new gym will allow both sports teams to train and individuals to maintain their fitness: personally I think it’s brilliant that the College has recognised this need.”

Jack Sanderson 2nd Year Geography and Boat Club President

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