Durham University

Get Involved

Get involved in Dunelm Days, either by organising your own event or attending an event in your area.

Attending an event provides the perfect opportunity to stay in touch with Durham and keep up to date with University developments as well as providing a platform to reminisce, catch up with old friends and make new friends with a common interest. It is also the perfect opportunity to attend your first Dunelm alumni gathering and become part of a global celebration.

If there are no planned events in your area or if you have a great idea for an event, why not celebrate Dunelm Days by organising your own event?


The Dunelm Days celebration is the perfect purpose to hold an event and could act as a test to see how many people attend. Becoming a volunteer organiser gives you the freedom to arrange an event that you feel will be popular with like-minded alumni or those you wish to engage with. You can choose the venue, time and date (being mindful of other events in your area).


The type of event you organise is up to you, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the more successful events usually involve an unusual, interesting venue or a fun activity. A number of our national and international volunteers are thinking about ideas including boat trips and pool parties.


We can support your event by sending Dunelm Days emails to alumni, driving them to the microsite, supported by a social media campaign. In addition, we will work with you to promote your event locally via email and social media discussion boards.


Register your interest in holding a Dunelm Days event now with  Lauren Storey at alumni.volunteer@durham.ac.uk or on +44 191 3346309.