Durham University

Dunelm Days

Dunelm Days in Alderney
Thursday 30 June 2016

Celebrate Dunelm Days in Alderney with an small celebration at Belvedere House on Thursday 30 June from 7pm.

Whether you are local to Alderney, or are simply in the area, please feel free to come along - this is an ideal opportunity to catch up with old friends and network with fellow alumni in a relaxed environment.

If you would like to attend please contact the event organiser, Ian Carter at icc22@yahoo.com.

Your personal data will be used to manage the event and will be passed to Durham University so that they can update their records, keep in touch with you, and let you know of future events in Alderney. If you do not wish for your data to be passed to Durham University please opt out of sharing when you register.